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January 2012 has brought new changes on the Poodle Ranch .It seems like every year brings new adventures. I have some personal Charities that 10% of our Puppy Sales will be going to. My husband Johnny had a heart attack on January 16 th. and a quadruple by-pass on the 19th. It is amazing how quickly perspectives change on us all. He is doing just fine now but I have learned to pay attention to our pets. They do have a keen sense of what is going on with us. About a week before this happened Johnny was kind of complaining that the girls Arianna and his baby Angel Widget ,would not leave him alone! Strange or did they know something? All I know is they pestered him by wanting in his lap lying next to him on the bed and just plain annoying him when he sat in his recliner. I am convinced that they knew he had a change in his body and I was not listening. There are so many ways our Dogs can be a service to us and I am pledging this 10% to Service Dog Charity's. Mrs. Rennie Ofton Most Worthy Grand Matron of Texas .
I will provide a link to what her Charity is about so if you are interested you may either donate directly to this if you are not interested in purchasing a puppy. I will also be giving my tip donations at my grooming shop to the American Heart Association. Heart disease almost took my husband due to years of smoking,abuse of his own body and poor diet. Other factors like genetics also have made their mark. We need to take care of ourselves our families needs us no child or grandchild should have to live without any of us we are not replaceable. God has blessed us with knowledge and many ways to see warning signs so thank Him in the best way ever.Pay attention live, love spread His word and enjoy your family and our pets they are special little Angels .
Now let's make this year the Blessing God has intended .Come check us out and have a great time looking. Never know you might just find that special little Poodle love of your life.

 In memory of my sweet sweet Tex



My e-mail is  everace@aol.com and cell phone is 409-382-0244  Bubbles shop is 409-283-2502

God Bless